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Introducing A1C Drinks: A New Healthy and Delicious Beverage for Diabetics

A1C Drinks - Healthy Beverages for Adults and Children

A1C Drinks - Healthy Beverages for Adults and Children

Mango Flavor A1C

Mango Flavor A1C

Beverage is designed for diabetics, pre-diabetics, children, or anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle.

Sugary drinks, including soda, cola, fruit punch, lemonade, sweetened powdered drinks, plus sports and energy drinks, are the single largest source of calories and added sugar in the U.S. diet.”
— Harvard School of Public Health
OVERLAND PARK, KS, USA, November 28, 2023 / -- Introducing A1C Drinks, a new brand of healthy, delicious beverages. A1C drinks are designed to help people lower their blood sugar and improve diabetes and pre-diabetes. The drink is also helping fight childhood obesity and diabetes, by providing an alternative to sugary sodas and sports drinks.

A1C’s approach to beverages is characterized by several key principles:

• Diabetic-Friendly: A1C Drinks are diabetic-friendly beverages. For those managing their blood sugar levels, these drinks offer flavor and refreshment without adverse impacts on health.

• Science Backed: A1C Drinks are rooted in scientific research, to offer health benefits supported by the latest insights in nutritional studies.

• Delicious Taste: A1C believes that health-conscious choices should never translate into bland or unsatisfying options. These beverages are designed to be flavorful as well as healthy.

• Exceptional Ingredients: A1C Drinks are crafted using the highest quality ingredients, with pure cinnamon at the forefront - a spice renowned for supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Alongside pure cinnamon, the beverages feature carefully selected natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, vanilla, black tea, and select vitamins known for their holistic well-being benefits.

A1C Drinks Founder and CEO, Russ McCullough, a former NFL player and pro wrestler with over 15 years of experience in the beverage industry, envisioned a world where flavorful drinks can be both delicious and supportive of healthier blood sugar levels.

“Over 38 million Americans have diabetes. And an astonishing 98 million have pre-diabetes. As a person who cares about the health of my many diabetic friends, I found these numbers to be atrocious and a clear indicator that the beverage industry has failed entirely, and often times, has contributed to this epidemic,” McCullough said. “So we started to work, and after years of research, our team found a way to utilize the beneficial properties of cinnamon, which we combined with other natural ingredients to create a line of unique, delicious, healthy beverages.”

Fighting Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, sugary drinks, including soda, pop, cola, tonic, fruit punch, lemonade and other sweetened powdered drinks, as well as sports and energy drinks, are the single largest source of calories and added sugar in the U.S. diet.

There are 4.2 grams of sugar in a single teaspoon. That's like scooping up 7 to 10 teaspoons full of sugar and dumping it into your 12-ounce glass of water. That’s how much added sugar is in the typical can of soda.

Sheela N. Magge, MD, is a Pediatric Endocrinologist and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She routinely cares for kids as young as 10-years-old with type 2 diabetes and other diseases once limited to adults. She says that she has seen the impact that sugary drinks have on young people.

“Children’s lunchboxes are packed with colorful juice boxes, cartoon characters touting that they are healthy, and teens routinely reporting drinking two or three 12-oz. sodas every day,” Dr. Magge wrote. “But epidemic-levels of obesity isn’t the only way kids are being harmed by the constant flow of sugary drinks. They’re also linked independently with diabetes and heart disease, long term health conditions that will impact a child for their entire life.”

The A1C Solution

By substituting just one can a day of soda, sports drink, flavored water or juice with an A1C drink, you are removing about 14,235 grams of sugar a year from your diet. That’s 51,100 calories.

Startup Success

Since its soft introduction in the summer of 2022 at the Hen House store chain in Kansas, A1C has achieved a 3,600% increase in sales over the last four months.

Part of the reason that A1C is selling so rapidly is that consumers are becoming more aware of the fact that many other beverages that are touted as being healthy, are in fact, loaded with sugar. Most kombucha, flavored waters, and fruit juices, may be unhealthy choices for over almost 140 million Americans.

About A1C Drinks:

A1C Drinks is not just a beverage brand; it is a lifestyle. We stand for the belief that well-being and flavor should be synonymous. Our range of diabetic-friendly, delicious drinks are offering not only hope, but an alternative to sugary beverages and sodas for children and adults.

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